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KCeasy is free software. If you paid for it please click here.

FAQ / Documentation


One of our users (inhuman_4) wrote a detailed guide to installing and using KCeasy. If your are new to KCeasy and have problems figuring it out yourself start here.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I make KCeasy work with Windows XP SP2?


Microsoft has released Service Pack 2 for Windows XP which is supposed to make your computer safer from worms an viruses. Some of the changes however are so limiting that KCeasy has problems connecting successfully.

After installing SP2 and running KCeasy for the first time you will be notified that "giFT Loader for KCeasy" has been blocked by Windows. You have to unblock it.

Since version 0.16 KCeasy should automatically remove the half-open connection limit so you don't have to do anything. Only if KCeasy tells you that the automatic method failed you will have to modify the tcpip.sys driver using the patch available at (mirror). Please note that this modifies critical parts of your Windows system and you can reverse the changes using the same patch in case there are any problems.

Q: I'm behind a firewall, what ports do I have to forward?


Every network used by KCeasy requires different ports to be forwarded. The interface port 1213 should not be forwarded.

The network specific ports are:

  • Gnutella: Forward TCP port 6346.
  • OpenFT: Forward TCP ports 1215 and 1216.
  • Ares: Forward TCP port 59049.

Q: Where can I change the ports used by KCeasy?


The ports have to be changed for each protocol individually. You can do this by editing the config files in KCeasy/giFT/conf/<protocol>/<protocol>.conf.