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KCeasy News

KCeasy 0.19-rc1 released [2008-02-03]

This release fixes the Gnutella connection problems due to the last release being older than one and a half years. Some other changes I made since the last release are also included, but I am currently no longer working on KCeasy.

Changes from 0.18 to 0.19-rc1:

  • Updated Gnutella plugin to version 0.0.11 without time bomb
  • Added Turkish translation
  • Added 'Find File in Library' to search result menu
  • Added manual update check to help menu
  • Added 'Hide Files with only one Source' to search result menu
  • Added 'Time Found' column to search results
  • Added 'Find Video on YouTube' to library
  • Added IP of remote giFT to status bar when remotely connected
  • Added Bitzi lookup to search results and library
  • Update Italian translation
Download it in the download section.

KCeasy 0.18 released [2006-07-17]

Changes from 0.16 to 0.18:

  • Updated Ares plugin to version 0.3.0
  • Added tabs to integrated browser
  • Added option to disable integrated browser
  • Replaced main toolbar icons with larger ones and added option to show text below icons
  • Improved automatic search for download sources
  • Added option to ignore files already in library when selecting results for downloading
  • Added option to ignore non-alphanumeric characters when sorting search results
  • Added option to show realm icons on search result tabs
  • Added button to open download folder from library
  • Added download button to search results
  • Made option of not using system icons also apply to library
  • Move files to Recycle Bin when they are deleted in the library
  • Added copying of library files to clipboard
  • Added dragging of library files to other applications
  • Made hash and torrent search realms optional and disabled by default
  • Don't allow people to run OpenFT search nodes on Windows 9x/ME
  • Added support for downloading compressed node files and banlists
  • Don't show network stats by default since users are confused about their meaning
  • Added size limit for giftd.log (giFT)
  • Automatically add exception for giFT to Windows firewall on install
  • Made uninstaller ask whether to remove incomplete downloads
  • Fixed chat scrolling on Windows ME
  • Fixed bugs in internal browser
Get it in the download section.